Stock photography

I license much of my travel photography stock through Robert Harding World Imagery and Alamy, but I market the bulk of my Kansas imagery directly. I am working toward having an online, searchable, Kansas library. In the meantime, email me at or if you’d like to discuss licensing an image you’ve seen on this site, of if you would like me to do an image search and prepare a web gallery for you at no charge.


I provide Rights Managed licensing for my images rather than Royalty Free. Fees are based on the following factors: publication type, circulation, prominence of use, size of use and duration. Contact me with a basic description of your needs and I’ll do my best to find you the image you need (either from my own files or by directing you to a fellow photographer that I think may have what you want) at a fee that fits your budget. If you have a pre-determined rate sheet, I can often work within those fees.